Qatar Friendship Fund – Friends Forever Report

The Qatar Friendship Fund was established in 2012, following the catastrophic 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami (also known as the Great East Japan Earthquake).

11 projects in total received financial aid from the Qatar Friendship Fund, and the entirety of the project needed to be collated into an end report and documentary.

ServicesBranding, Graphic Design, Print Design, Layout, Report


TAKEOFF constructed the end of project report, designing and printing two stunning documents in both English and Japanese; one document was a limited-run VIP edition presented in a Buckram box, and the other designed for mass distribution. The VIP report was also beautifully interleaved with red and grey feature pages.

TAKEOFF also wrote the script for a 30-minute documentary about the effects of the disaster and how the fund helped provide relief aid, editing five years’ worth of footage into an informative and moving film. TAKEOFF also produced an animated short which was played at the launch of each project and at the final ceremony.

Beautifully interleaved with red and grey feature pages


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