MAY 21, 2020

With the Coronavirus pandemic beginning to slow and lockdowns being eased worldwide, brands are thinking long and hard about how to adapt to a ‘new normal’.

This new normal will feature an awful lot of social distancing as people go back to work and begin to adjust to some form of normality.

With these rules set to be in place for a year or longer (depending on the scientific advice), it poses a number of tough questions for businesses and their adaptability.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the live space. What will happen to trade shows and exhibitions, for instance?

They’re hugely important sources of revenue to brands. Over 90% of trade show attendees say they are searching for new products when they go to an exhibition, while 40% of exhibitors follow-up leads three-to-five days after a show.

This new normal is set to change how brands market themselves in live spaces for the foreseeable future.

But that isn’t necessarily bad news…

It’s not just trade shows and exhibitions that are set to be affected.

Brands that invest in experiential live marketing will also have to pivot to create something different with social distancing and other safety measures in play.

Though it’s a situation that poses a challenge, the new normal will also present some amazing opportunities for brands to try new, creative ideas when live marketing.


Those new ideas and ways of working will help your brand fill a gap, showing creative agility to differentiate yourselves from your competitors while reaching out to your audience with something clever, fresh and exciting.

The new normal and its social distancing measures will provide a playground of creativity, and encourage brands to adopt a new normal to help their business grow post-lockdown.

Working with an agency with years of experience in the live space will also help you to quickly adjust to these new measures in a safe and responsible way.

Exploring the new normal with your brand

Working with a respected full-service creative agency will help live brands to refine their ideas and action them safely in public, too.

So, what does this new normal look like? That depends entirely on your brand, the sector you operate in and the goals you’re working towards as you get back to business.

A strong creative agency will work with you in a bespoke way to find and refine your new approach. That could include sourcing and identifying new locations, or encouraging audience participation through smartphones.

Environment is going to play a huge role in events over the next year (and possibly more); an app that incorporates AR into your event that also adheres to social distancing policy could be a great way to interact and engage with prospects.

Similarly, prioritising content that encourages engagement with your live team through apps and satellite sites will grow in importance to replace huddles and one-on-one conversations.

These methods are just some of the ways you can pivot to provide new, creative live experiences to adjust to a new normal at trade shows, exhibitions and experiential events.

TAKEOFF will work with you to provide incredible new post-pandemic live experiences and events for the new normal. Contact us today to find out more.