FEBRUARY 26, 2021

We’re extremely proud of our custom console projects at TAKEOFF.

We’ve made vibrant custom skins for Xbox One consoles, for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC cases… When a client asks us to create a custom skin for a console, we make it happen.

We see each custom console as a blank canvas; a chance for us to ignite our imaginations and unleash something unique on unsuspecting audiences hungry for new experiences when it comes to physical media.

Those audiences are typically media-savvy. (Think gamers and movie-lovers, though we have created the odd sport and fashioned-themed custom console now and then.)

Creating a custom console makes a real impact on those audiences, too – and can even reach beyond them, depending on the brief.

A custom console is an unbeatable way to secure mainstream press coverage. They’re fantastic lead generators for competitions and giveaways. They make a huge impact across social media.

That’s by and large because there’s simply nothing else like them on the planet. We made only a dozen custom Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice consoles which became unmissable attractions at Activision’s PR events, for instance.

Our custom Shadow of the Tomb Raider console – a one-off ‘lost Mayan temple’ design for SQUARE ENIX – generated global press coverage and, most importantly, helped raise $7,600 for charity.

We’ve also created numerous custom consoles for Xbox, having been a registered partner with them since 2010.


There’s a new generation of consoles on the block, though. With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S now available, what does it mean for future custom console commissions?

How we make custom consoles at TAKEOFF

The new generation of consoles will make little difference to the way we design and build custom consoles at TAKEOFF.

There is one slight change, though. Lead times are currently slightly longer due to the pandemic and the natural disruption this has had on global supply chains.

We’re also currently running safety tests on the new generation of consoles to test their limits and to see just how far we can go in a creative design sense.

That latter point especially though is very good for clients – it will guarantee that you have a safe, functional and, not to mention, deliciously rare custom console working perfectly from day one.

And our artists are excited about creating the next-generation of custom consoles as they always have – by hand.

That’s the key difference that makes our custom consoles extra special and unique.

Our artists use a variety of steps and digital techniques to create a custom console, but the overall build is done purely by the hands of experienced, creative and dedicated craftspeople.

Once the design has gone from rough sketch to concept and been agreed with the client, our typical custom console will use combinations of laser-cut wood and 3D-printed resin to sculpt the 3D relief parts.

The console will then be finished with various print techniques. These can include UV printing, debossing, vinyl decals and more to give life to the overall design and make the console truly stand out.

Once built, we finish our custom consoles by airbrushing and lacquering them, to keep them looking sharp, fresh and new for years to come.

Our artists are extremely excited about the design potential the next generation of consoles offer (custom PlayStation 5 blades, anyone?). We’re ready and waiting to help turn your creative console vision into reality.

Don’t miss out on creating a custom console that’ll wow the next generation of gamers! 

Contact the TAKEOFF team now to book your custom console and get it in time for your next PR campaign.