OCTOBER 24, 2018

Predicted design trends

Here at TAKEOFF we are always busy keeping an eye on the industry design trends and innovative design. This year we have collated our predictions of what will be seen more in the industry and design styles that will be pushing boundaries over the next year.

Extended 3d usage in print material

3D design is becoming more accessible to designers and being incorporated more and more into everyday designs. It can be used as a way to wow audiences or as a more stylistic approach. In 2018 though we predict an increased use of 3D in general but also it’s use in 2d print based graphics and adverts, including it’s use in icons and titles.


Maximalism is the new minimalism (which is so last year). The principles of Maximalism is that ‘more is more, embracing excess. Design can be seen brimming with colours, patterns and interesting type layouts. It often combines unlikely pairings of pure juxtaposition. “If it hurts your eyes, it’s probably maximalism. Or a solar eclipse.” – Mariah Driver, Content Producer at Webflow We predict a plethora of busy complex designs to be seen throughout the design world but still with carefully considered structure, layout and design style.


Based on early manuscript lettering Blackletter (sometimes referred to as Gothic or Old English) harks back to original days of the printing press and has a long history in print media. We have already seen a slight resurgence of Blackletter type and is being seen all over the design spectrum including within the fashion industry. We feel that this popularity will only increase and become more widely spread within mainstream and digital media. This will spark it’s use in a variety of interesting and innovative ways.

Vibrant / Garish Designs

Brands are starting to take risks and to stand out from the crowd. In a day and age of technology and the vibrant colour range of RGB why not be bold. An increased use of contrasting colours will be utilised, sometimes nauseating and sometimes intoxicating but generally very memorable.

Liquid type

There is something enormously satisfying about seeing type deformed in curving irregular liquid style, it humanises it and draws you in. This technique has been seen around for a while but we feel that this will truly be pushed to new levels of creativity this year, in a range of digital and hand crafted styles.

Playful Illustrated type

Gone will be the days of standard typography letter-forms, welcome a year of playful illustrated type in a multitude of illustration style and techniques. Here letters become objects and words become scenes in there own right. Creativity will be sparked with hand crafted type, representational typography where type mimics real world objects and very imperfect type becomes beautiful.