FEBRUARY 18, 2017

Modular infographics

Modular infographics are on the increase across social media but are often in disguise. When briefed in properly or at the early stages of engaging with a design agency, modular infographics can be far more successful than a regular piece of content. The design process considers a narrative and modular designed system to enable individual pieces of data to be posted across multiple social media channels.

Responsive campaign logo

If a responsive logo is briefed in you’ll have a more impactful campaign identity design solution. When designing a campaign or symposium logo, don’t just look at the material handouts and onsite branding, instead think about how it will appear online, mobile or on a tablet leading up to and after the event or campaign as well. See more examples here

Interactive brochures

After printing a brochure think about how it can live online and function on a desktop or even tablet. Transforming a print file by having the regular contents page as a navigation bar with the ability to skip to any chapter or feature can be an extremely powerful tool for brand ambassadors at trade events.


Simplicity in design is a complicated process. This is simply because most briefs and initial ideas start out with lots of information so it takes time to sift through, organise and layout content with an aesthetically clear and simplistic approach. ‘Space is the place’, or ‘less is more’ as our creative’s like to say! One trending technique is using monotone images.

VR apps

VR apps are by far the most immersive solution on the market. You are literally transported to another world. Education and brand awareness are brought together in perfect harmony. Take a look at this example.