JUNE 12, 2020

If you’re looking to attract more attention to your IP, or want to attract more fans to invest in your brand, visual content is one of the best ways to do it.

Facebook posts with images see 37% higher engagement than simple text posts, according to Jeff Bullas. Blog posts that include images also get 94% more views.

Using organic images instead of stock photos can also increase lead signups by 45%, while Larry Kim highlights that people are 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Visuals can be so subjective, though. While data suggests that using images and great graphics can get more people to interact with a brand, that engagement doesn’t happen by accident.

The best way to improve results with visual content and inspire the audience you most want to attract needs a lot of creative foresight and planning.

In short, that means a strong foundation in the form of a good graphic design brief.

How your graphic design brief can save you time and money 

You may have a firm idea of the results you want to achieve such as increasing unit sales, getting more social media followers or increasing the rate of signups to your mailing list.

That’s great. What will be markedly different throughout your organisation though is how that campaign and messaging will look; clear communication and the right graphical elements are key to hitting those targets.

A strong graphic design brief is always the key to a successful project. A trusted full-service agency will also use this foundation to save their clients time and money.

How? Strong briefs are the best way to plan a project, visually outline expectations and get, on paper, a better grasp of the problem that needs solving.

The stronger the agreed brief at the start of the project the less time will be spent diverting from it, and the less likely your budget will go toward introducing ideas or correcting mistakes further down the line.


Set out a clear direction with a bespoke graphic design brief

You’re more likely to hit your targets if everybody is on the same page from the first day of the project, and all creative teams are moving in the same direction.

As an experienced full-service creative agency, we work with you in a bespoke, personal way to make each and every graphic design project the best it can be.

You may like to brief agencies in a way that’s most comfortable to you; whether that’s in a meeting or through a brief you’ve designed yourself.

That’s totally fine with us! However you’d like to brief us, it’s essential for us to then write our own brief to outline the creative direction for our teams to follow for maximum productivity.

It’s so important that you review our own blueprint before we start. The clearer and more accurate the initial graphic design brief is, the more successful the project will be.

That roadmap will make the project more efficient and keep you on budget, and get you the best results possible as the campaign launches.

Find out more about why a strong graphic design brief is so important and how it can help you speak to your audience by contacting the TAKEOFF team today!