JUNE 04, 2020

Have you heard of alignment? It’s a marketing term used mainly for full-service agencies.

It’s a pretty simple idea; the closer your teams are aligned (read: singing from the same hymn sheet), then the more harmonious the workforce and the better the end results for clients.

The alignment theory is an important one. The better departments interlink and communicate with each other, the smoother the project will go and the more impressive the results will be.   

The alignment theory has weight to it, too. HubSpot data shows that ‘tightly aligned’ companies achieve 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth.

Their data also shows that brands with aligned sales and marketing teams become 67% better at closing deals, which is a huge bonus for brands who do it well.

In short, happy employees who communicate effectively across departments equals happy clients and bigger profits.

But is it really as simple as that?

Alignment needs an awful lot of pulling together internally for it to become a natural working process for different teams. This isn’t just a case of asking your team to communicate more openly or email other departments more frequently.

Great alignment should be something that’s part of your brand and identity. Creating a clear vision and mission internally is key to fostering a strong company culture built around alignment.


A desire for better alignment isn’t something that should be pushed on your workforce, either.

Each team should be present at each stage of the planning process to make sure they’re all behind your alignment plans, and can contribute to improving the working culture of your company.

Because that, in essence, is a large part of what alignment is; changing the way teams work together and improving your company culture to build a better brand.

Once that alignment mission has been agreed on internally, it’s important to make sure that your new approach and company culture is reflected in your wider brand image.

Driving alignment with your new brand identity

Whether you’re putting those alignment plans in place with a new brand, or are incorporating them as part of a wider brand refresh, it’s important that your visuals and wider brand identity reflect the changes.

A full-service creative agency can help you do that. As part of that internal brand refresh, your new company culture and ways of communicating will be laid out in easy-to-digest handbooks and brand guidelines.

Easily-accessible templates will also be part of the brand refresh that get your new company culture across, including presentation templates, merchandise, social media and ad campaigns, business cards and more.

Most importantly, though, a trusted full-service agency will work with you as the plan is being rolled out, to make sure your new brand identity – from visuals to messaging – is instantly recognisable to the people who matter to you most.

That doesn’t just mean prospects. It can also help you attract better suppliers and new talent who buy into your new brand culture, and want to work with you to help you grow.

A new brand looking to get your message out there or an established company looking for a refresh? Contact the TAKEOFF team today to see how we can help you out!