April 21, 2020

China has grown to be known as ‘the world’s factory’ because of how much it produces and manufactures.

The United Nations’ Statistics Division shows that China’s global manufacturing output was an astonishing 28% in 2018

China’s efficiency and low costs manufacturing make it the perfect partner when it comes to these complex items, with that high-quality and savings passed on to customers.

It’s important for clients to know, though, that despite the huge positives in China being the manufacturing capital of the world, there are still times when production and deliveries can be disrupted.

Those times are typically holiday times. China has seven public holidays as well as holidays for specific demographics; some of which last for a week, like Chinese New Year.

With China’s holidays at different times to breaks in the west there will, understandably, be times where manufacturing and distribution is slowed or paused. 

And the less said about the Coronavirus pandemic, the better. Not only has it ground China’s production and distribution lines to a halt, but it’s also hit the global just-in-time supply chain, too, as Wired points out.

Plan ahead for a perfect product launch

China though is slowly getting back to normality as their official statistics show the pandemic is easing across the country.

We think it’s the right time to underline why planning ahead and taking China’s holidays into account (as well as unforeseen circumstances such as a pandemic) is critical to the wider manufacturing process.

Tight and efficient distribution is especially important when it comes to merchandise and special editions, in delivering the materials and the final product.

While Coronavirus is a special case, its impact on global business does show how important it is to plan ahead, not just for unpredictable events but for industry showcases, holidays and more.

If you’re looking to launch a product such as a limited edition or custom items, the earlier you plan, the better your chances of success.

The entire limited edition process can take up to 10-12 months. Unpredictable events – pandemics included – can really hit timelines hard and lead to potentially higher costs.

If you’re planning to release a limited edition for Chinese New Year, for instance, we recommend you start planning as early as March the year before.

Plan properly and you could be wowing audiences with amazing limited editions like these!

The long-term steps for a smooth product launch

We’ve detailed more of the limited edition process here, and how a well-planned execution can potentially provide huge returns beyond the financial.

The best way to get those positive returns, though, is to plan every stage as meticulously as possible to ensure a streamlined manufacturing and delivery process that comes in on budget.

We recommend:

  •         Working with an experienced agency: We’ve been providing clients with bold and brilliant limited editions for years, but our talents don’t just lie in the creative. Our specialties also lie in planning, warning clients of potential risks and making the process run smoothly.
  •         Organising an annual calendar: The gaming industry has a number of key events throughout the year including Gamescom and E3. Planning an annual calendar that takes events and holidays into account is essential for the long-term planning needed for a successful launch.
  •         Leave a buffer time: We always recommend leaving a buffer time of at least three weeks before any planned launch or event takes place. That helps to correct any problems that may arise beyond our control, such as missed deliveries and more.
  •         Plan ahead to save costs: That buffer time and planning is the absolute best way possible to keep the project on budget. Forward planning also lets you choose more cost-effective measures over the project, such as using sea freight over air, and hugely reduces the chance of using costly last-minute suppliers and rescue squads.

Have an idea in mind for a limited edition or custom items and want to know more about how the process works? Contact TAKEOFF today to find out more.