April 28, 2020

Good branding is about more than just having a sharp-looking logo. While a great logo is important, strong branding is about building connections with people.

Good branding should engage with people who see it. They should look at it and instantly understand your values, your goals, what you provide, and other key information.

Is your brand telling your story, engaging with people and – most importantly – keeping them coming back to you?

Statistics show the importance of a strong brand identity. 65% have felt an emotional connection with a brand, while presenting your brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

43% of customers also spend more money with brands they’re loyal to. Branding isn’t just about an image; it’s about consistency, your behaviour on digital channels, your document designs, and so many other things.

But how do you perfect your brand and show those values to the people who matter to you most?

TAKEOFF works with leading brands to win them more fans and build long-term relationships. Come and see how we do it here!

The Coronavirus lockdown and its impact on digital branding

This is a key question for businesses of all shapes and sizes – whether indie developer or established publisher – in the video game and wider entertainment industries.

TAKEOFF specialises in organic branding identity design, which goes deeper than the standard branding service that some creative agencies offer.

‘Branding’ can be such a wide term, which is why we think its key to focus on the organic identity aspects when you’re looking to build a company, launch a product or service.

Our organic branding happens when we design, springing into action as the client grows or when they need new visuals. It’s an incredibly flexible design process for SMEs and start-ups, offering scalability as brand’s grow.

The pressure is on to make an impact digitally. Online competition is fierce, and brands have to work harder than ever not just to attract consumers with strong branding, but to keep them, too.

The strength of individual brands has also been tested recently due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With people locked down in their homes, video game sales have jumped as people pass the time.

Digital download game sales have spiked enormously across all 50 global markets during the pandemic.

If your game, IP or wider brand hasn’t been part of that spike, can you honestly say that your brand is working for you to promote your message and draw your target audience in?

Organic branding identity design is key to building long-term relationships

Organic branding identity design is especially useful for start-ups and indies with limited capital. Working with an agile creative agency experienced with branding can help maximise your budget and future-proof your brand.

Now could be the right time to focus on your brand and what it says, too, before tackling the markets afresh when lockdown is lifted and life gets back to normal.

TAKEOFF’s organic approach to branding simplifies the process by:

  •         Creating a brand identity for your studio, game, TV show, entertainment projects, IPs and other products.
  •         Identifying the feelings and emotions you want to convey across the business and beyond.
  •         Visualising those emotions in instantly identifiable ways to reach out to new audiences.
  •         Creating branded materials for emails, documents, presentations and stationery.
  •         Evolving as you do to grow your brand and expand its reach across digital and offline channels.
  •         Building templates for your in-house employees to use to simplify the process.
  •         Producing brand guidelines and materials that everybody across the company can use.

And more. We also recommend that if you’re on a budget, when it comes to working with a branding agency, to engage with them as early as possible so brand guidelines can be built as you go, and your brand can be designed to make a serious impact in the long-term.

Discover more about the importance of the organic branding process and how to future-proof your brand identity on a budget by speaking to TAKEOFF’s branding experts today.