May 06, 2020

The procurement process can be an incredibly hard one to go through. And that’s not just for smaller businesses and suppliers.

Procurement can also be hard for the commissioning company. They’re, understandably, looking to find the absolute best solutions possible to grow their business.

For companies who do it regularly though, procurement can fracture and fragment their creative and marketing strategies:

  •         If separate agencies are handling your social channels, producing your content and managing your website to attract leads, is everybody on the same page?
  •         If all those companies raise their prices at the same time, you could be paying more than you’ve budgeted for, and have to start the procurement process again.
  •         Are you really getting the best results from your budget by paying multiple agencies? How do you know if they’re using the latest and greatest techniques to grow your business?
  •         Are you working on the same terms with all your suppliers? If your content supplier leaves after six months but they worked well with your long-term social supplier, how hard will it be to fill that gap?

Streamline your processes with selected suppliers

That can be a good strategy if businesses are lucky enough to find specialists in their respective field committed to helping you grow long-term. That can be so hard to find, though…

We find that working alongside regular and trusted suppliers with a broad range of skills can be far more cost-effective and practical than working with a range of suppliers.

Some of the benefits of a full-service-agency approach include:

  •         Commitment: Throughout the agency, the whole team will have a strong grasp of who you are, your ambitions, what you want to say, and will be able to amplify your message across various channels.
  •         Cost-efficiency: Instead of keeping track of multiple service providers and their varying costs, you can keep costs down with a single contract that covers a broad range of services.
  •         Contacts: Working with a trusted agency will also save you time when it comes to matters such as IP. You may have to negotiate with different agencies for copyright and other clauses. All this will be on one contract with an agency.
  •         Time: Similarly, a lot of time can be taken up when it comes to invoicing and contract matters. That time is greatly reduced when it comes to working with a dedicated agency, allowing you to concentrate on other things. 
  •         Knowledge: With different departments and specialists at their disposal, a good agency will always keep their ear to the ground for their clients to present them with fresh ideas and approaches.
  •         Same-page working: All those departments will be working closely together and always be on the same page, providing a streamlined service that puts client growth first.

A streamlined service dedicated to improving your ROI and one that’s cost-effective are just some of the benefits of building a strong relationship with a trusted full-service creative agency instead of spreading yourself thinly across multiple suppliers.

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