November 26, 2021

The right sponsor can add so much to an event.

If the sponsor’s values and goals align with the host, together they can create something extremely fun, interactive and – most importantly – memorable for attendees.

Finding that partner, though, can be extremely tricky, even for seasoned event organisers – let alone those who are new to hosting events. There’s also the Coronavirus equation to consider, too…

Research from Bizzabo makes for interesting reading on this point. Their data suggests that 90% of marketers plan to invest in virtual events, moving forward.

85% of people in leadership positions, however, believe in-person events are essential to their company’s success, while 60% of leadership say events are their most critical marketing channel.

There are so many ways to host an event now thanks to video conferencing apps, VR, mobile and other advances in conferencing technology.

But while it may be easier than ever to create an event, raising awareness and engaging with a potential audience can be hard.

Sponsorship can go a long way to getting you in front of new audiences. Partner with a big sponsor, too, and you could get in front of their potentially sizable audience and access a huge number of leads in an instant.

That approach could raise a lot of problems for you though, too. The biggest problem, arguably, is conflict of interest. Also, how do you approach them, build a relationship with them and make sure you both get what you need from the partnership?

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Broaden your horizons when looking for sponsorships

Sponsorship is typically a two-way street. Your sponsor will be looking to build their own audience and spread their message, as well.

The danger with pairing with a larger partner in your space is that their message overshadows yours, and your pitch to audiences gets eclipsed by the marketing resources your sponsor has access to.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to be a bit more creative in your thinking when it comes to exploring and evaluating sponsorship opportunities.

If you’re in the video game industry, for example, don’t restrict yourself to partners such as other developers and publishers, or any similar brand who may hold a conflict of interest. Why not partner with those in the orbit of the gaming world?

So, instead of partnering with a sponsor that wants to attract the same audience, why not work with a sponsor who can provide you with cutting-edge PC hardware?

Such a sponsorship can be extremely beneficial to both parties. You’ll be able to show your game at its best to event attendees, while the hardware company gets to talk to avid gamers first-hand.

When it comes to sponsors, think beyond the brief.

Work with a sponsor who can craft amazing goodie bags for people to take away. Work with a sponsor who can digitise your marketing materials, so people won’t have to carry booklets around all day.

Work with sponsors who can create miniatures and figurines of your game characters. Work with sponsors who can generate leads and fantastic audience-led experiences with a simple QR code.

Work with a sponsor who goes beyond the event, who knows how to excite an audience, and who will make sure your brand is remembered long after the event has finished.

If you’re looking for new sponsorship ideas and opportunities for your event but don’t know where to start, talk to TAKEOFF – our team is always here to help!