October 20, 2021

The world looks a lot different now than it did in the first quarter of 2021.

High vaccination uptake throughout the year has been key to countries across the EU loosening social restrictions and opening up their economies again.

Coronavirus is still with us, though. Even now, with restrictions more or less lifted across the EU, there is still some semblance of Covid management that venues and events organisers need to consider.

There is still a presiding worry across the EU of what winter will bring; whether there could be a spike in infections and cases, and how national Governments will respond.

Covid management is a very real approach to life as global societies tentatively get back to normal.

Covid management, therefore, is more important than ever where crowds may gather such as industry events and activations, both indoors and outside.

It’s an extremely tough balancing act, though. Activations and events are so important to generate business, advertise new products and services, and build new relationships with potential partners.

That also goes for events and activations that revolve around filming, such as shoots and streaming projects. So, how do you create Covid-safe events and activations that keep everyone involved safe?

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How TAKEOFF is managing Covid at events and activations

After being grounded for so long, people are desperate to get back to working with colleagues and mixing with potential new business partners as quickly as possible.

We totally understand why – we’re super keen to work face-to-face with our clients to create some truly stunning activations.

Safety comes first at TAKEOFF, though. Covid is here to stay, so we still need to be aware of how we manage our activations to mitigate risk as much as possible.

We’ve therefore introduced new practical protocols and arrangements to safely manage Covid-19 at activations that take the safety of absolutely everyone into account at an event or shoot.

These protocols were followed to the letter during our recent Wargaming activation at The Tank Museum in Bovington, UK. Our team created an enormous, interactive, virtual World of Tanks-themed experiential gaming zone at the museum. 

TAKEOFF was extremely careful during the activation to follow our protocols and create a COVID-secure environment for our clients and our team. Not only were our safety measures highly-effective, they also didn’t impede on activation speed, quality or other factors.

We feel we’ve got the balance right with our new guidelines to keep people as safe as possible, whilst also giving them the freedom to do their jobs and maximise their talents.

Our new guidelines include:

  •         Onsite support in the form of a dedicated COVID-19 officer.
  •         Following best practice to reduce COVID-19 and transmission including supplying PPE.
  •         Risk Assessment and method statements from the pre-production stage.
  •         Potential isolation when travelling to and from production and event sites.
  •         Temporary accommodation for staff at the activation.
  •         Health declarations and continual testing.
  •         Physical separation in the form of social distancing.
  •         A continual commitment to keeping as hygienic as possible.

At a TAKEOFF activation, everyone has a responsibility in keeping the event or production as safe as possible for all involved, from the casting crew to the on-set talent to those involved in transport.

TAKEOFF is with you every step of the way, to help you get back to business as quickly as possible in a Covid-secure way.

Find out more about TAKEOFF’s new Covid-safe activation protocols and procedures by speaking to a member of our team today!