May 07, 2021

Limited editions and press kits are evolving.

We love producing press kits and limited editions for our clients. It’s one of the best ways for brands to thank their fans for their loyalty with some rare and meticulously crafted memorabilia.

Especially in media-rich verticals such as video gaming and movies. What Mortal Kombat fan wouldn’t instantly fall in love with their very own gold-leaf Scorpion bust, for instance?

But how and why are limited editions evolving? Let’s take a look at our limited editions for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey as an example.

We created three distinct limited editions for Odyssey, with the main difference between them being the design and scale of the diorama included in each set.

You’ll notice that, alongside the diorama, are an amazing raft of other collectible physical goodies including an official artbook, vinyl soundtrack, lithographs, world map, and digital content bundled in, too.

Those physical extras are a great addition, and we include them because the love for having something tangible that people can interact with and admire won’t go away.

It wouldn’t be right of us as an agency, though, if we didn’t keep an eye on feedback and data trends from both our clients and the people who actually receive our press kits and limited editions.

That allows us to build better kits and editions for the future. The trends we’re seeing at the moment? That people are embracing more personalised and digital limited-edition experiences.

What does this mean for the future of limited editions?

Nothing in a broad sense – if you, as a client, really, really want a lot of physical extras included, then we’re more than happy to oblige! We make it happen.

The more you take your audience’s tastes and trends into account, though, the happier they’ll be with their limited edition. They’re literally created to cater for your audience.

It also allows you and our teams to be a bit more creative – to think outside the box, to leave more room in the box, and make it less crowded.

In the past, for instance – and as you can see above – we’ve delivered game soundtracks in vinyl form, or included in a flash drive.

The same goes for videos and trailers for press kits – assets such as movies and images have typically been delivered on a USB stick (or even in Batarang form).

Why not be a bit more creative and current, though? With the space saved by excluding a physical soundtrack, you could instead create a personalised keyring of an in-game character or item with a Spotify code on it.

That way they get a funky new keepsake they can always carry around with them, and instant access to the soundtrack wherever they are as they can scan the code on their smartphone.

Not only can this look a bit sharper in our constantly-connected era and allow you to be a bit more creative, but it can also help save you money on production, too.

Better personalisation and a switch to more digital-based physical assets could mean lower, more individualised runs, helping you to create stronger bonds with those loyal fans.

We make limited editions happen. Want to build a creative love letter full of goodies for your fans? Get in touch with TAKEOFF today to find out more!