Dermatology Client – 3D Video Production For Events

Our dermatology client had launched a new product focusing on fractional plasma technology, designed to improve skin complexion on patients, with positive results seen more quickly than traditional solutions.

Despite being well-known throughout the healthcare industry, their product was a relatively new approach to tackling skincare. They needed a professional video producing, that could be used at a symposium, to showcase the technology and its benefits.

ServicesMotion, Video Production


Working closely with the client, our creative team and video experts gathered assets and information to create a four-minute long video showing the benefits of their new product in a clear, creative way. The presentation also had to have the quality to be shown on a large cinema screen, where people would view it in the theatre at the conference centre.

The video features audio testimony from the company’s dermatology experts, before 3D graphics and assets show exactly how the product works in practice, with a voiceover providing clear explanations to the audience. The video also includes images of real people benefitting from the product; all complemented by a bespoke soundtrack and soft purple background lighting.

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