BRCA Gene Mutations – Explainer Animation

A well-known multinational research-focused Biopharmaceutical company, based in the UK, requested an animation to dispel the myths surrounding BRCA gene mutations.

Our client needed a way to dispel some myths surrounding BRCA mutations, as supported by scientific research, in an easy-to-understand way that could also be shared online.



BRCA gene mutations can often be associated with breast cancer; however, BRCA mutations have other roles to play, and can also be used to inform patients about their overall and familial risks. We worked extremely closely with our client to better understand the science around BRCA gene mutations to highlight their positive impact.

The accuracy of the information wasn’t the only critical part of this project. Delivery was too, highlighting BRCA’s correlation with calculating cancer risk to the general public.

The best way to do this was through a highly-visual four-minute-long animation, with a strong narrative, outlining what BRCA gene mutations are and their crucial role in battling and suppressing various cancers to clear up any confusion viewers may have had.

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