Translating Logos for the Chinese Market

A lot of western app and game developers and publishers have their sights set on the booming Chinese mobile market, and need accurate localisation services for their projects to succeed.

We’re often approached by mobile developers and publishers to translate their app and game logos into Chinese, to help them stand out in a crowded market and make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

ServicesGraphic Design, Logo Localisation, Mobile


TAKEOFF’s native Chinese studio is on the ground floor when it comes to helping developers and publishers enter the world’s largest gaming market. Our talented team know just how important aspects such as local culture and accurate translations are to a project’s success in China.

Our marketing and design specialists in China have worked with various teams to translate and localise their apps’ logos for their specific target markets, keeping the visuals strong and relevant to local audiences. Projects include translations for Knight’s Quest, Autonauts, Serial Cleaners and many other mobile apps and games.


TAKEOFF has offices in the UK, France and Central Europe, North America and China. If you’d like to discuss an entertainment marketing publicity project or event, get in touch with the TAKEOFF team via: