Developer The Chinese Room and publisher Secret Mode released Still Wakes the Deep in June 2024. Set in 1975 and lauded by many as a ‘horror classic’, players frantically try to escape a Scottish North Sea oil rig as they’re pursued by a terrifying, otherworldly presence.

Secret Mode asked us to create a custom ‘Still Wakes the Deep’ Xbox Series X console that could be used as part of a promotional campaign for the game’s June launch; to help spread awareness of the title online, encourage participants to sign up to their newsletter, join their Discord and more.

ServicesCustom Console, Custom Controllers


The Chinese Room is well-known for its tense first-person narrative-driven horror and thriller games, and anticipation for Still Wakes the Deep has been extremely high since its Xbox Showcase reveal in 2023. Also featured on the cover of EDGE Magazine, we knew we had to create something that matched the terrifying vibe of the game.

The vast, crumbling Beira D oil rig itself is as frightening as the force chasing the player. Inspired by the rig, we crafted a custom Xbox Series X skin with the focal point a smashed-up door with a glowing red LED alarm bleeding out from behind. Reflecting the make-up of the monster itself, a hand-painted iridescent oil effect spills from the bottom of the door – it’s on the loose…

Other hand-crafted elements of our bespoke Xbox include airbrushed paint effects to give the skin a rusted metallic feel, complemented by 3D-printed vault spindle on the door, thick piping on the sides and control panel (complete with gauges). The painted oil slick effect also covered our Xbox controllers – all finished with Still Wakes the Deep branding.

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