Developed and published by Bossa Studios, Surgeon Simulator 2 is a sequel to the original hilarious physics-based operation sim. Surgeon Simulator 2 features a four-player co-op mode and a brand-new Creation Mode.

With a seven-year gap between the original game and Surgeon Simulator 2, Bossa Studios wanted a PR approach that injected selected influencers and commentators with a dose of fun and excitement.

ServicesLimited Edition, Packaging, Figurines, Print Design


Expectations for Surgeon Simulator 2 were already high, with real-life mad Doc, Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd, presenting the game’s launch trailer with all of his Hollywood majesty at Gamescom late August 2020.

Great Scott! How could we compete with that? The answer was to create some mad doctors of our own, with a press kit built for 25 of the internet’s craziest video gaming personalities including ANGRYPUG, GAMINGbible, RTGame and other well-known influencers.

The press kit generated a huge amount of excitement amongst our influencers (Knightenator even made an unboxing video).

Encased in a fully-operational mini-fridge (built to resemble an organ donation box) was their very own ‘mad surgeon’ kit for influencers to wear while playing the game.

Our blood-covered lab coats and goggles, medical cap and stethoscope made them look every inch the sawbones, while the sugar-filled blood bank drink dispenser (complete with influencer’s name) helped prime the malevolent medics for virtual surgical mischief.

A 3D resin heart in a jar that’s a replica of the heart found in-game was included alongside branded boxes featuring custom medical certificate and name tag with job title, a lunchbox customised to resemble a first-aid kit, and a rubber duck, ready for theatre. Bossa-branded badges, pens and bobble heads were also included.


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