Riot Games’ free-to-play first-person shooter Valorant has become an esports phenomenon since its 2020 launch and has also won a Game Award for ‘Best Esports Game’. International Valorant tours and tournaments are held on a regular basis every year by Riot Games.

Late November to early December 2023 saw an all-female Valorant tournament hosted in Sao Paulo. Called Game Changers, it was the last in Riot Games’ Valorant calendar for the year, and was broadcast to a large global audience.

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Our direct client, Bastion, asked us to create 35 influencer kits for female influencers and content creators across the United Kingdom to help promote and raise awareness of Game Changers and highlight the importance of celebrating female gaming talent. TAKEOFF handled the kits’ concept, design and production to create an inclusive set of gifts and goodies that everyone could enjoy.

Key to our approach was the tournament’s ‘LOUDER’ concept – a fearless vibe running throughout Game Changers; an energy to silence doubters and take the fight to them. Inside our vibrant Game Changers printed packaging was a custom LED RGB lamp with cool Valorant logo, an engraved LOUDER keyring that could be worn with pride, and a large, colourful gaming mat.


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