Twin Mirror – Custom Controllers And Custom PC Tower

Twin Mirror is a dark solo-narrative detective mystery set in the fictional American town of Basswood in West Virginia. Twin Mirror was developed and published by Dontnod Entertainment.

To celebrate the launch of Twin Mirror, Dontnod Entertainment commissioned us to create customised Xbox controllers as part of a promotional giveaway, alongside a custom PC tower that would be used as a competition prize.

ServicesGraphic Design, Video Games, Custom Consoles


We were asked to create two different controller models as part of the giveaway, with both controllers needing to have references to the game’s minimal polygonal design. We created two designs with different colours – one a metallic orange, the other a metallic blue – which both featured the Twin Mirror logo and polygonal Sam Higgs design on the overlay.

Our team also used Twin Mirror’s minimalist polygonal design to create a custom PC tower that had an almost glacial look to it. Cool ice-like shards broke away from the glacier as it went up the tower to give a ‘shatter’ effect – the front of the tower had a metallic sheen and mirrored effect, complemented by the Twin Mirror logo.


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