Hogwarts Legacy was a smash hit when launched in February 2023, receiving critical acclaim and commercial success for the way players could explore the Wizarding World. The open-world action RPG was released in mid-November 2023 for the Nintendo Switch.

Publishers Warner Bros. Games asked TAKEOFF to create a TV spot for the French market, to both advertise the Nintendo Switch launch of Hogwarts Legacy and its present potential amongst younger gaming markets.

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Realising a professional TV spot takes a lot of technical wizardry to get right. TAKEOFF has been conjuring commercials for large entertainment clients for years, and we handled everything for this brief from start to finish to amplify the on-screen message and show younger markets why Hogwarts Legacy would be the perfect game for the holidays.

Our creative team came together to storyboard the TV spot, draft the script and perfect the copy to make the message as punchy as possible to make it stand out against other commercials. Once settled, our management team dove into their little black (spell) books to source and summon a cast and crew that would deliver the spot in one day.

Our team handled the administration side (contracts, expenses, location scouting and more) to organise and produce the TV spot featuring a couple having fun with Hogwarts Legacy. TAKEOFF also handled post-production editing (colour grading, cutting for pre-roll use and other techniques) before acquiring ARPP approval before it aired on TV.

Our team also created a separate script and shot additional footage so the campaign could be altered at the post-production stage and aired across various social media platforms to maximise Hogwarts Legacy’s sales potential.


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