Assassin’s Creed Mirage was released in October 2023 across previous- and current-generation consoles, PC and mobile platforms. Mirage is the 13th major Assassin’s Creed title, set in Baghdad during the Islamic Golden Age during the 9th Century.

Developers Ubisoft Bordeaux and publishers Ubisoft asked us to create pre-launch trailers for Mirage’s Deluxe Edition, featuring exclusive digital content alongside the base game, and for Mirage’s DLC bonus quest ‘The Forty Thieves’.

ServicesMotion, Video Games, Trailer


Our first trailer was a B-roll edit using in-game footage and cutscenes provided by the teams at Ubisoft for their Deluxe Edition which included a set of Prince of Persia-inspired digital bonus content. 

Our trailer showcased the protagonist, Basim, atop his sand mount with a new skin and himself wearing and wielding Hourglass of Time clothing and weaponry. We also highlighted other gifts included such as the base game, digital art book and soundtrack, and call to action via the end slate.

Our trailer for ‘The Forty Thieves’ DLC was much shorter in length – 20 seconds long and edited for Ubisoft’s social media platforms Another B-roll trailer, it showed Basim in action, exploring a new location and stealthily taking out enemies with his dubbed narrative explaining his quest to find the ‘King of Thieves’. 

The end slate is a call to action explaining where audiences could purchase the DLC, with the video exported in various formats for Ubisoft’s different social media platforms.


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