MARCH 19, 2020

Public relations has changed so much in the space of a decade. The incredibly fast growth of social media hasn’t just changed the way entertainment media is digested, but on how it’s reported, too.

We find there’s little better at wowing people with an interest in gaming and entertainment than a press kit (also known as buzz kit), whether they’re a member of the traditional press or an online influencer with a following who reports regularly on the types of games you create.

Press kits are a pretty universal way to open a direct line of contact to anybody with an interest in covering gaming, and are a more personal and effective way at generating conversations and column inches than a standard press release emailed to anybody and everybody.

Our FIFA press kits, for example, are typically aimed at FIFA influencers and professional footballers alike, and usually see impressive social returns. Posts of the influencers and footballers on social media posing with the branded kit, sent to their thousands of highly-engaged followers, help the kits to go viral and drive acquisitions.

The press never misses out either; our unique Batman: Arkham Origins press kit generated as much press interest as the game itself did, for the way the assets were delivered in a life-sized metallic batarang, complete with screen and USB-port to download information.

If you’re at a loss for press kit ideas, though, then why not turn a custom collector’s edition into a special piece of PR, instead?

Come and have a look at some of our other brilliant press kits!  

Combining your collector’s edition with your PR strategy

We’ve recently written a post about the collector’s edition process, and how much planning needs to go into one to make sure it’s commercially viable and to ensure there isn’t any overstock.

There’s no reason, though, that with a careful bit of planning, the cost of creating a collector’s edition can’t be redirected to creating some bespoke units especially for journalists, bloggers and influencers that also do the job of a press kit.

A collector’s edition is already impressive enough to double as a press kit and, again, are strong enough to be written and talked about as a standalone item. Altering your collector’s edition slightly, though, to include key information about the game its supporting will give both a greater chance of getting noticed.

It’s something we saw with our Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Limited Edition. By adding a small screen to the 17-inch Tar-Goroth Balrog and Carnan Drake limited-edition statue, containing valuable content and information about the game, media reporters were presented with a quality press kit beyond anything they’d ever seen before.

They were also greeted with a personal video message by an official orc, with our team capturing the additional footage during the filming process.

Our collector’s edition for Divinity: Original Sin II also made for a fantastic press kit with a few tweaks. The collector’s edition was already content-heavy, with two books spanning more than 100 pages detailing the lore and artwork of the world of Rivellon.

With a few additions to focus on generating press and social attention (including signatures from the game’s developers), Larian Studios was able to create something truly special for their Kickstarter backers as well as turn the heads of influencers, allowing them to compete for attention with AAA titles without breaking the bank on a separate PR strategy.

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