FIFA19 – Press Kit

Developed by EA Vancouver and published by EA Sports, FIFA19 is the latest entry in the record-breaking football simulation series, and has sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

EA Sports commissioned TAKEOFF to create an exclusive collector’s edition for FIFA19 that could be sent to professional footballers, eSport competitors and influencers to build hype for the game and boost sales.

Services3D, Custom Consoles, Video Games


The TAKEOFF team wanted to go further than the typical collector’s edition, and instead used our design and technical capabilities to create a sturdy carry case that was an all-in-one FIFA powerhouse. Inside the case was a PlayStation 4 Pro, a copy of the Champions Edition, a controller and something unique…

The underside of the case lid was a built-in high-def screen, allowing owners to play FIFA19 wherever they wanted. Images of the case – featuring vibrant graphics and the EA Sports/FIFA19 logos – were shared online by Donny van de Beek, Lucas Hernandez and others, generating thousands of likes and greater visibility for the game amongst an incredibly targeted online audience.


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