Citytopia – Launch Trailer

Citytopia is a game created by the makers of the cult classic Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch. The city tycoon building game was developed by Nvizzio Creations and published by Atari.

An app available on the App Store and Google Play, Nvizzio Creations/Atari approached TAKEOFF to create a launch trailer for Citytopia to increase installs and attract casual gamers.

ServicesTrailer, Motion Design, 3D, Video Games


As it’s a mobile game, TAKEOFF created a trailer for Citytopia that was under 30 seconds long; perfect for specific ad placements on online platforms to drive engagement and downloads of the app. For the trailer itself, TAKEOFF focused on the game’s key feature of city building complemented with light-hearted music to capture the creative, fun aspects of the game.

The launch trailer also used large 3D text to drive home what players could do in Citytopia including resolving contracts, levelling up and more. The TAKEOFF team created the entire trailer in the Unity engine from scratch, animated all cameras as well as adding motion design. The end result is a trailer that perfectly captured the ambience gamers could expect from Citytopia.


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