Legends Of Aria – Launch Trailer

Legends of Aria is a sandbox MMORPG that features a classic skill-based system, allowing players to build their characters their own way.

TAKEOFF was tasked with creating a launch trailer for Legends of Aria to advertise the game’s unique features, generate interest and announce the opening of pre-orders.

ServicesTrailer, Motion Design, Video Games


Legends of Aria has numerous unique features that distinguish it from other MMORPGs. The TAKEOFF team knitted them all together throughout the trailer to create a key narrative, complemented by the game’s stunning graphics and play mechanics to build excitement for the title and show players what they could expect when ordering.

Features focused on within the 90-second launch trailer included city governance, player-populated regions, definitive player choices that had consequences to the main story, exploration, real-time battles, weapon crafting and much more. Importantly, alongside animated title cards and in-game moments, was a CTA highlighting how those pre-ordering could benefit from a 7-day head start.


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