September 20, 2022

TAKEOFF’s limited editions, influencer kits and other custom gifts are always packed to the brim with amazing goodies that send shockwaves through communities and get them talking.

What sets TAKEOFF’s service apart, though, is our attention to detail, level of quality, and knowing exactly what kinds of gifts will blow people away.

Some competitors are happy to fill their limited editions with any old figurines and other trinkets that can be found on shop shelves.

We make it happen. TAKEOFF goes beyond the brief on every project, making use of every member of our global team to create something truly special in every box.

Oftentimes, too, mixed within our custom goodies are real works of art, produced by our creative partners who have handcrafted each and every individual  piece personally.

One of our leading examples of this can be seen in our work for Surgeon Simulator creator, Bossa Studios.

November 2020 saw the Surgeon Simulator 2 ‘Clinical Trials’ competition launch, where players could compete against each other online, over five days, to win prizes.

The highest scorers on each day would win some custom-made Surgeon Simulator 2 mementos, which Bossa Studios asked us to create.

We went beyond the brief and created something truly special for the winners – big, chunky medals with the overall winner receiving a heart statue (modelled from the in-game heart), all cast from real bronze.

Want to see our artisans craft a gold-leaf bust of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat? Take a look here!

Handcrafted artwork has huge appeal

Again, this couldn’t have been achieved without a creative team that thinks beyond the brief and amazing clients who are receptive to our ideas.

Most importantly, though, the astonishing level of detail in our work is only achievable thanks to the knowledge and experience of a team of professional artisans who really care about what they produce.

You can watch our crafting partners at work here:

A lot of work and sweat went into our Surgeon Simulator 2 medals and statue.

Crafted from bronze, our team melted a mixture of copper and tin over extremely high temperatures into our specially-created moulds to form the bronze base of the prizes.

The gifts were then covered with a special gold foil to make them look like real winners’ medals, and to help the ‘Clinical Trials’ and Surgeon Simulator logos stand out.

The heart was also connected to a special stand to look like a trophy, with a bronze placard at the base (complete with game logo) rounding off first prize.

Medals and the heart were finished with a sandblasting process to make them look the best they could possibly be, and were housed in beautiful black velvet boxes, complete with gold foil on the lid.

The medals and statue were a smash-hit within the Surgeon Simulator and wider online gaming communities, giving Bossa Studios a real viral boost and generating column inches amongst the press.

If you’re hungry for more, then check out the handcrafted in-game axe that was included as part of our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla influencer kit – a gift that really made top gamers feel #LIKEAVIKING!

Want a real piece of handcrafted art to accompany your limited edition or influencer kit? Talk to the TAKEOFF team today to find out more!