Bossa Studios – Clinical Trials Competition prizes

November 2020 saw Bossa Studios release its Clinical Trials competition for Surgeon Simulator 2. Players could compete in crazy challenges over five days, with the highest scorers in each event winning some shiny, custom-made prizes and goodies.

Bossa Studios asked us to create the custom prizes for the Clinical Trials competitions. Prizes had to be fun, relate to Surgeon Simulator 2, and have a high-quality finish.

ServicesCustom, 3D, Graphic Design


We created five premium prizes for winners of each Clinical Trials competition – four gold-foil medals featuring the Surgeon Simulator 2 logo on one side, and the heart featured in-game on the other. The branded medals were crafted from bronze and completed with sandblasting, and housed in a beautiful black velvet box with gold foil on the lid.

The ultimate prize was a BAFTA-like trophy of the in-game heart, complete with plinth proclaiming the recipient as overall winner of the 2020 Clinical Trials. Like the medals, the heart award was made from bronze, had a premium gold-foil finish, and was presented in a black wooden box, laser-engraved with the Surgeon Simulator 2 logo.


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