Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – French Squadfinder Commercial

Ubisoft’s SquadFinder is a mobile application built to complement their game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The app is designed to help players find the perfect teammates and build a better squad.

Ubisoft was looking to promote the SquadFinder app in France via a video ad, to encourage French players to download and engage with the app. They gave us a script and an overall concept for the video, which we helped create and edited for a variety of ad platforms.

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Ubisoft’s ad starred French Siege player ‘D4rk Snip3r’, boasting about how he’s the best and doesn’t need teamwork to win. For each claim D4rk Snip3r makes about his abilities, game footage suggests otherwise, showing how his strategies are always foiled by teams who work incredibly well together. The ad asks ‘Would you work with him?’.

Our casting team found the perfect actor to play D4rk Snip3r, who could bring the delusional-but-humorous character to life. We chose the location for the shoot and also created the decor and background; the perfect gaming bunker for a professional player like D4rk Snip3r to operate from. 

You can see our final version of the ad and the troubles D4rk Snip3r has for yourself in the minute-long video below.


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