May 05, 2022

TAKEOFF was proud to work with Jean-Claude Van Damme in September 2021.

We worked with the Hollywood superstar on a ‘recruitment campaign’ for mobile game WARPATH, of which the Muscles from Brussels is a brand ambassador.

And, as the campaign showed, having a recognisable brand ambassador represent your IP can reap huge rewards and reach out to new audiences.

Not every studio will be able to work with somebody with the profile of JCVD. But, they also don’t have to work with someone from the silver screen to succeed.

Sticking with WARPATH and Jean-Claude Van Damme isn’t the game’s only brand ambassador. TAKEOFF and creators Lilith Games also work with French YouTube sensation, Nota Bene.

Nota Bene fronts live-action campaigns for WARPATH across French-speaking regions, and has been a smash-hit with audiences old and new.

These partnerships don’t happen by accident, though. They’re the result of an incredible amount of detailed research, careful planning and creative collaboration.

Find the right ambassador, though, and it can pay real dividends. 71% of marketers say that influencer leads are a better quality than other leads from other sources.

49% of buyers, too, say they rely on influencers for purchase decisions. Also, your ambassador’s own expertise, reach and notoriety will instantly become associated with your IP.

Most important though is that your IP will be in front of your influencer’s highly-engaged audience, allowing you to interact with new demographics almost instantly.

So, how do you find the right brand ambassador for your advertising campaign?

Tips on identifying the right brand ambassador

Though it’s important to partner with the right ambassador, it’s recommended to save the forensics until the later stages of the process.

The initial stages should focus on identifying and engaging with talent that might be the best fit for your brand. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and focus on a specific personality.

That means casting your net wide to see who is engaging with titles similar to the genre of your IP. If your IP is already out there, then which influencers are playing it regularly?

If your IP is set to be released, which influencers are talking about it most, and how engaged are they with their communities?

Dig into demographics – are you able to get a broad look at the age ranges and locations of the people your influencers are talking to? Are they able to disclose that information ethically and transparently?

Some of it comes down to taste, too. Read and watch some of the content the influencer has previously produced. Would they be a good fit for your brand?

What’s their current output like? If they’re a higher-profile celebrity, are they currently attracting press attention? Do they have a movie coming out? Is there a possibility for collaboration?

Once you have a better idea of the person you’re working with, it’s time to get the magnifying glass out and do some detective work.

What platforms are they active on? What are their follower counts like? Do they have a mailing list, and how healthy does it look?

We also recommend treating potential partners how you yourself would like to be treated. That means be fair, open and receptive to their thoughts and ideas.

If other potential partners are part of the process, for instance, then let them know. Don’t lead them on and don’t waste anybody’s time.

Be upfront with them – especially when you do get to the point of negotiations and drawing up legal frameworks such as contracts.

Our greatest tip is this: working with an ambassador is a two-way relationship. They should benefit as much as you. 

Get this balance right and you’ll begin to build a black book of talented ambassadors who will be happy to work with you for years to come.

Or, you can partner with TAKEOFF, and let us do the work! Our black book of industry ambassadors is full of top global talent – contact our team today to find out more.