March 29, 2022

TAKEOFF has created a guide for exhibiting video game studios to help them visualise what they can do with the space available to them at trade events.

Our handy guide is designed to help exhibitors find a quick budget allowance for their allocated footprint, and get a breakdown of how that budget will be allocated.

All exhibiting video game studios have to do is discuss what footprint is available with the rights holders, get in touch with us, and we’ll do the rest.

Planning to exhibit at Gamescom 2022? Contact TAKEOFF to find out what we can do with the footprint available to you.

Why have we created this guide?

It can be hard for video game publishers and studios to imagine how to fill space at a trade event.

It’s such a creative, fantastical industry, brimming with talent and ideas. The pressure is always on to outdo your rivals.

Some will take a look at the space available to them and draw a blank.

Others have a different dilemma – they’re so full of ideas that, when it comes to finalising them, they turn out to be impractical or give the CFO a panic attack.

The pressure to impress will also be felt later on this year when, as expected, Cologne is set to fully welcome delegates back to gamescom in August.

With years out of the spotlight, it’s a chance for publishers, developers and others to secure a space at one of gaming’s best trade events to attract footfall, nurture leads and build new fanbases.

We at TAKEOFF know how important a creative activation is at events – not just to generate leads, but to build real excitement and conversations around new and existing IPs.

That’s why we’ve created a guide specifically for studios to help them allocate a budget to their exhibition footprint.

What you will find in our footprint guide

Once we have received the available footprint, we will design a document for you featuring 2D and 3D floor plans of what the TAKEOFF team could provide, alongside expected costs.

Both images will detail how footfall will flow through the exhibition. It will also include where key spaces such as gaming rooms, press areas, stages, streamer booths and more will be placed.

Crucially, our guide will also include a detailed timeline for delivery including pre-production, production planning, production, logistics, activation, event management and more.

This is especially important if you’re planning to exhibit at Gamescom in August this year.

We have recently updated our lead times for 2022. Getting in touch with us now with information such as your available footprint will help create a better exhibit to draw in footfall.

Who knows – with a big enough footprint, we could create a gaming activation on a scale as large as our recent World of Tanks exhibit at the Bovington Tank Museum, UK.

Built to celebrate TANKFEST in 2021, visitors were treated to lifesize interactive tank-style structures where they could play World of Tanks on the latest gaming hardware.

Let us help you wow new audiences with the footprint available to you with a creative interactive exhibition at Gamescom 2022. Contact TAKEOFF today to find out more!