August 1, 2022

QR code usage is surging across the globe thanks to smartphone penetration and all-round better technology.

We’re not surprised. Ourselves and our partners love QR codes.

Why, though? There are so many reasons, but we’ll boil them down to our two favourites: simplicity and lead generation potential.

Simplicity because QR codes are relatively easy to create, print out and put in prominent positions.

That’s why QR codes are so effective at lead generation, especially in places where public footfall is high, such as exhibitions and industry events.

How? Well, if you’ve been to an industry event yourself, you’ll know how easy it is to get bogged down with pamphlets and other paraphernalia.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you get the approach right and give prospects branded goodies that they find genuinely useful, then you’re more likely than not to stay in their thoughts afterwards.

The problem is volume. There are so many brands exhibiting at trade events; each one vying for the attention of a select number of prospects, and giving out scores of brochures and cheap merchandise.

Prospects soon become swamped and your message could potentially get lost in the mire.

QR codes lets brands avoid that scenario, and helps them to attract qualified leads in real-time at industry events.

It’s well worth putting a QR code next to your logo on your booth, or amongst other relevant content on your exhibition panels.

With a quick scan, prospects can be sent to a form on your website where they can choose to leave their details and register their interest.

Better yet, they could also download marketing materials, pricing lists and more from your site onto their smartphones, to keep and browse at their leisure, wherever they may be.

The artistic side of QR codes

Similarly, if you have limited space at your booth and your team is busy, prospects could scan a QR code at your booth to book an appointment with a representative later that day, or request a call.

QR codes don’t just have to be static images on your booth, either. Why not create gifts and goodies that have a QR code on them – like at the base of a figurine or bobblehead – that directs people to your site?

With the right approach, too, QR codes can link to a tagged web address which will help gauge their effectiveness, giving a strong indicator of which codes had the best impact, how many leads they helped to generate, and other ROI.

Most importantly, QR codes don’t have to be boring, either. The volume problem can also affect QR codes at events; how do you make yours stand out to prospects?

The Elkoy Artist Collective is just one group proving that QR codes can be more than a boring old collection of black and white squares.

Their mission is to turn QR codes into fine art, and you can see some of their creations on their website, The Art of QR Codes

They’ve also taken the movement to New York City, where they recently exhibited their QR art at a pop-up gallery in Soho.

Most importantly, the QR codes work and are entirely functional, proving that – with the right approach – the humble QR code can become anything you want it to be to blow prospects away.

Find out more about the lead generation potential of QR codes at events and how to turn them into pieces of fine art by speaking to a member of the TAKEOFF team today!