OCTOBER 16, 2019

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to tap into a ready-made
audience who will be willing to find out more about you.

If you play your cards right and pick the right influencer, that is. Depending on your approach and wider marketing strategy, influencer marketing has the potential to generate laser-focused leads for your brand in incredibly affordable ways.

Data suggests that, this year, 19% of marketers planned to spend between $1,000 – $10,000 on influencer marketing, while 18% had a budget for 2019 between $100,000 – $500,000.

That alone shows how versatile influencer marketing can be for brands of all shapes and sizes. It all depends on your research and the wider creative approach; influencer marketing is all about quality.

if you manage to strike a deal with an up-and-coming personality with a strong, core following on a specific platform, you could build a strong relationship with them and their followers before anybody else at a low cost.

That approach can get far better results than spending a huge chunk of your marketing budget on a famous face to post your product on Instagram, only for the message to disappear almost instantly in amongst their other posts.

HubSpot has some great examples of influencer marketing campaigns on its site, showing how brands have partnered with specific social media influencers to generate interest in their products and wider brand messaging (we particularly like Sperry’s approach to micro-influencers).

We leveraged the power of influencers ourselves was when we activated and managed the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal at KOKO, London. A large part of building hype for the event and attracting the right audience was by building relationships with celebrity gamers and influencers with the right audience. Doing so helped us cultivate an estimated social reach of over 175 million impressions.

It wasn’t just a case of having those influencers promote the event, though. It was essential they were as engaged as the fans we wanted to reach out to; to do that we organised a head-to-head livestream, with more than 2 million people (aged 18 – 35) tuning in on Twitch to watch their favourite celebrities battle each other. (In-game, of course.) 

If you really want to build strong relationships with influencers and their followers, though, and cause a social stir, it’s always worth starting with some customisation to really attract attention.

We are #XSplitFamily

According to Edelman’s 2019 Trust Barometer report, 58% of consumers said they had bought a product in the last six months because of an influencer’s recommendation. 63% also said they trusted what influencers said about brands as opposed to what brands said about themselves.

They’re astonishing numbers and highlight why Influencer marketing – when done right – can be so effective.

Going that step further to put a bit of customisation into your approach, though, can make your campaign go even further. It can dazzle, excite, and bring a whole new emotional level to your messaging that could really pique their followers’ interest.

Take XSplit, for example. SplitmediaLabs has been working hard over the past decade to make high-quality live streaming more accessible to gamers through XSplit, and we worked with them to create a buzz kit to send out to the influencers who helped them get to where they are today.

We created an influencer-led XSplit buzz kit; a box with a signed silver ‘Thank You’ envelope inside that contained a letter from SplitmediaLabs’ COO Andreas Hoye thanking recipients for ‘coming along on this journey’.

Also included in the box was a C922 Pro HD Stream Webcam, Webcam Cover, accessories adorned with an #XSplitFamily hashtag and a card with a code giving the recipient a lifetime XSplit Premium License and Developer Digital Game Keys.

SplitmediaLabs works hard to know and understand their audience, and thanked influencers on a personal level by giving something they’d truly appreciate and share with their followers.

That doesn’t go unnoticed by both them and their followers. All of a sudden, yours is a brand that works hard building decade-long relationships and rewarding those who have invested in the brand on a personal and professional level.

Our approach to influencer marketing is pretty simple and can be underlined in that project. Be honest, open, thankful and grateful to the people who you want to connect with at all times. That message won’t only get through to them, but eventually to their followers, too – especially if you work to customise and personalise your campaign.

Find out more about building creative influencer marketing content and how to amplify your message with custom projects by speaking to the TAKEOFF team today.