June 27, 2022

TAKEOFF. We make it happen.

Our recent posts have focused on how hard our teams work to get projects completed in a logistical sense, and the intricacies involved with getting global timings (amongst other things) right.

But before we get to that stage – before we work with international delivery partners, handle customs forms, create figurine moulds and more – it all starts with a sketch.

That’s because, at our heart, TAKEOFF is a global creative agency filled to the brim with talented artists and designers who know how to bring clients’ visions to life.

Because it’s not just our artists’ keen eye for detail and creative expression that’s so important in every project.

Their ability to communicate with clients and realise what they want is key, from start to finish, which is why it all starts with a sketch.

During the initial discovery phase, our designers and artists will work to understand the story behind the project and sketch concepts to produce images full of emotion that can be further developed.

At the same time, our artists work tirelessly, studying life drawing references or working with live models to make sure that they produce the best sketches and designs they possibly can.

These initial sketches are extremely important. Sketching is one of our most fluid and creative processes, with concept designs easy to amend on our industry-leading software.

This is especially true when it comes to sketching the human form, which can be a tricky thing to do when trying to tell an emotionally complex story in a figurine’s pose or piece of static key art.


Drawing inspiration

Our figurine of Eivor for our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Collector’s Edition, atop her Drakkar, Dane axe in hand, shouting as she leads her troop into battle, wasn’t created by accident.

The end result started life as simple sketches, with our artists creating the framework of a battle-hardened warrior ready for battle.

Once our strongest concept has been approved after collaboration with the client, it’s time to bring it to life.

Our talented designers are then tasked with turning our initial flat 2D concept into a 3D digital render through a combination of Photoshop, 3D design software and other digital tools.

Again, we’re still in the development phase at this stage, with our team working closely together to make sure all concepts capture the emotion and tell the story the client wants to convey through our creative imagery.

Not all artwork is created from scratch, either. We will also work with clients to make sure that our designs match with any existing assets that may have already been created by the client or on their behalf.

For instance, are we creating imagery based on existing video game characters? It will be helpful for us to access 3D models that have been created within a game engine, so our designs reflect the IP’s world as accurately as possible.

The same is true for other assets used within an existing IP, such as matching typography for promotional key art, trailers and animations – our Twin Mirror campaign is a great example of this.

Our job is also to rework these initial sketches and designs to make sure they work across several different formats, should that be a digital ad, OOH commercial, or on packaging like our work with Jump Force.

Whatever form the end product takes, be it a physical product or digital design, it always starts with a sketch at TAKEOFF.

Find out more about our design process and the importance of getting the initial stages right during every creative project by speaking to the TAKEOFF team today.