July 5, 2022

In our last post, we talked about how all projects at TAKEOFF start with a simple sketch.

Sticking with that theme, we want to highlight the creative work that goes into each and every one of our collector’s editions, and start from the beginning.

Because while the logistics and timings that go into delivering each collector’s edition are indeed crucial, that won’t count for much if the bar isn’t set as high as possible at the start of the project.

For the truth is this: anyone can create a collector’s edition.

The real challenge is creating a collector’s edition that’s worth collecting.

That simply can’t be done if you not only underestimate the work that goes into a collector’s edition, but underestimate your fan-base, too.

Collector’s editions are extremely unique in that they can have a ripple effect on an audience.

Their rare nature excites; they spark conversations on social media and forums, enhance a studio’s reputation, draw fans further into the world you’ve created, generate column inches and more.

That can also go the other way, though, if you adopt a ‘Christmas cracker’ approach to your collector’s edition.

Produce something that misses the mark and your audience (and the wider internet) will let you know about it.

Pleasing your fan-base is imperative, which is why the watchword at the start of every collector’s edition project we undertake is ‘PREMIUM’.


Always put your fans first

A ‘premium’ approach doesn’t equate spending big on materials and other essential components.

A premium approach also means working hard to communicate with fans; to research and identify trends, see what the core demographic is into, which characters in the IP are their favourite, what parts of the lore they’d like expanding and more.

That means launching a discovery process to find out what the community regards as collectible, and then creating concepts around our findings to build something truly premium and desirable.

That research also includes going over our past research and collector’s edition projects to evolve and advance ourselves. What may have been trendy for a year-old edition may now be yesterday’s news.

The very nature of social media means that fan-bases’ wants and needs are constantly evolving, meaning expectations need to be shattered with every new collector’s edition.

Figurines, we find, are always collectible and extremely desirable. So are books; tomes featuring exclusive artwork and that expand on characters’ backgrounds and the lore of the world you’ve created are tremendously popular amongst collectors.

This is especially true if you commission a limited run for your collector’s editions. The rarer the premium-quality items within your CE, the greater the excitement will tear through the community in anticipation for its release.

We touched on materials and components earlier. Modern collectors are conscious of this, and will be happier if they know if the materials used within the CE are local and sourced ethically.

Using recyclable materials within the CE can be a bonus, too – but it doesn’t matter too much if they aren’t.

The recyclable question matters more in regard to packaging and transport; an approach which can also help to keep costs down when a collector’s edition is commissioned.

Remember, premium-quality products will stay on shelves, and won’t find their way to landfill. That also goes for smaller goodies.

They stand less chance of being thrown if they’re fun and functional. On the contrary; the more premium your collectibles are, the happier your community will be, and word will spread both off- and online.

Find out more about the steps TAKEOFF takes to make every collector’s edition as premium as possible by speaking to our team today.