JUNE 30, 2020

Our limited editions and custom items are totally bespoke, and a way for entertainment brands to forge a deeper connection with their fans.

On a personal level, creating a ‘thank-you’ to fans by way of a rare limited edition that only they own shows how deeply you value the relationship between them and your brand.

It also shows your gratitude to their emotional investment in your IPs, and how their attachment to the world’s you’ve created for them has helped your studio grow.

Partnering with a creative agency experienced in producing bespoke limited editions and custom items will also help you to go beyond the brief and produce collectibles worth collecting.

‘Collectible’ isn’t code for ‘piece of plastic’. Collectibles include highly-graphic art books expanding world lore; soundtracks that soothe the soul; fully realised objects from the game, and much more.

Just as importantly, and with the right marketing strategy, collectibles can be used to attract new audiences and introduce them to your IPs.


Five ways collectibles can capture new audiences

A collectible that’s had a lot of thought put into it is already a powerful marketing statement, and shows the creative and emotional depth of your brand.

Collectibles can also be used:

As a press kit: If you have spare collectibles left from your production run or want to increase the MOQ to produce some, collectibles and limited editions can be used as a press kit to send to media journalists. Collectibles can be great public relations weapons, encouraging publications to find out more about your brand and the IP.

For press attention: Not only can collectibles and limited editions help your game get more attention from specialist press, but they can also become the story itself. That’s great for getting wider brand recognition; in partnership with publishers and specialist media titles, collectibles can also be competition prizes to help you collect data.

To start social conversations: Public relations has moved with the times. As well as targeting publications, sending collectibles to social influencers can help your brand target their highly-engaged, specialist audiences. There are lots of unboxing videos of our Hitman 2 Limited Edition; some have thousands of views.

For wider IP recognition: With the right approach, collectibles and limited editions can introduce potential new fans to an entertainment series and encourage them to explore it. The collectibles in our Divinity: Original Sin II Limited Edition were key to the game getting wider press attention, and introducing new audiences to Divinity’s wider world.

To improve sales potential: Divinity is a great example of tying all of those above points together, using collectibles as part of a wider marketing strategy to increase awareness of an IP, reaching out to influencers in traditional and digital media channels, and attracting potential new fans to ultimately improve brand recognition and ROI.

We’ll help you amaze new audiences with bespoke collectibles as part of your wider marketing strategy. Contact the TAKEOFF team to find out more