Game of Thrones – Custom Consoles

After the launch of the new Xbox One S All-Digital console in 2019, a decision had to be made as to what its first ever custom skin would look like.

Smash hit Game of Thrones’ final season was approaching. It represented the perfect opportunity to market both IPs, and TAKEOFF worked with HBO and Xbox to create a stunning marketing solution for both.

ServicesCustom Console, Custom Controllers


TAKEOFF created two amazing custom Xbox One consoles to be used as competition prizes that advertised both the S All-Digital and Game of Thrones’ finale. One console was imbued with the ‘Fire and Blood’ of House Targaryen, prominently featuring the family crest amongst raised leather dragon scales and the Game of Thrones Logo.

The other console was based on the Night King himself, and was clad in a cold-looking tin metal covering to perfectly convey his armour in the show, complemented by raised crest and Game of Thrones logo. Visual masterpieces, the consoles both got a lot of attention from publications and on social media, and thousands of competition entries from Xbox and Game of Thrones fans alike.


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