ASUS ROG | Republic of Gamers – France Tour Activation

The Republic of Gamers (ROG) are gaming specialists, dedicated to creating the best hardware possible for people serious about gaming.

Our challenge was to build an activation for the ROG TOUR TRUCK roadshow across France, until 2020, that gave players across the country the most hands-on experience with ROG’s gaming tech, while generating tour hype and reach through online influencers.

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The chance to create and customise something so large was impossible to resist. The ROG TOUR TRUCK was a huge opportunity, and not just to design the truck; we worked closely with ROG to plan, imagine, create, source, organise, activate and manage the entire roadshow: Take a look here 

We worked around the clock to transform a typical, bland logistics truck into a state-of-the-art gaming experience, with the interior built from scratch to provide a professional gaming environment for 10 players. 

We reached out to local influencers at each location in France, inviting YouTubers and eSports teams on-board to try ROG’s stellar gaming hardware for themselves in fast-paced and fun Fortnite and League of Legends tournaments. Influencers were also invited to test the hardware through livestreams and review it for their followers.

We wanted as many people as possible from France to come and experience the ROG TOUR TRUCK, wherever and whenever we where. TAKEOFF also managed esports events, such as the ROG TOUR TRUCK booth at Paris Games Week, and provided social media assets, motion videos and the official events website to make every pop-up pit stop an unbridled success.

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