KARDS – Press Kit

Available through Steam, KARDS is a free-to-play collectible card game with set in World War II. The strategic wargame was both developed and published by 1939 Games.

1939 Games approached TAKEOFF to produce a press kit that could be sent out to influencers and publications to help raise awareness of KARDS and generate press coverage.

ServicesBuzz Kit, Packaging


The TAKEOFF team prepared for war to capture the hearts and minds of journalists, and created an incredible press kit for KARDS that could have come straight from the wartime era. Included in the press kit were a KARDS-branded water canteen alongside an ‘Airborne Cricket’ clicker device.

Also featured in the press kit were weathered-looking playing cards; the same as the ones found in the game. A ration book, a self-build Churchill Mk. VII tank figurine and a  B-17 Flying Fortress model could also be found in the kit; all of which were placed in a gorgeous enclosed fabric KARDS-branded WWII satchel.


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