Revolver Themed Limited Edition Xbox Controller

Microsoft regularly likes to release custom controllers for its Xbox One console, and in 2018, they wanted to create a controller that had the feel of the Wild West to it.

Microsoft commissioned TAKEOFF to create a rootin’ tootin’ controller that looked like a six-shooter from the days of Wyatt Earp.

ServicesCustom Controller, Video Games


Draw, you varmint! The TAKEOFF team let out a loud “Yee-haw!” when we approached this project, and created a limited-edition Xbox One controller that Billy the Kid would be proud to play with. Our weapon of choice for this project? The classic revolver.

Our revolver-themed controller was an exceptional collectible, customised and painted to follow old revolver lines. With wooden edges, bullet-style buttons and a gold-plated finish, the revolver-themed controller also came complete with a leather leg holster; perfect for the gamer who needed their trustiest ally by their side at the O.K. Corral.


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