Ticket to Ride: First Journey – Trailer

Ticket to Ride: First Journey is a digital version of the popular family-orientated Ticket to Ride board game, developed by Payoff Technologies and published by Asmodee Digital.

TAKEOFF was commissioned to create a trailer for Ticket to Ride: First Journey to attract a family-orientated demographic, increase sales and downloads across different devices.

ServicesMotion, Video Games


TAKEOFF created an animated trailer that blended the vibrant, colourful characters found within Ticket to Ride with visuals of the game being played on portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Calls to action within the trailer emphasised how the whole family could enjoy the game together, and how players could play with friends or on their own. The trailer also emphasised Ticket to Ride: First Journey’s key hooks such as the ability to collect stickers and build large rail empires; all edited together in a fun, vibrant package made especially for Asmodee Digital’s target audience.


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