August 16, 2022

Over the last few years, a huge number of brands have taken real efforts to reduce their carbon footprints, while others have pledged to become carbon neutral as soon as they can.

It’s great to see so many professional outlets are committed to doing their bit.

It isn’t just in-house measures they’re taking, either. Many are working closely with their suppliers to make sure wider manufacturing and logistical processes are as clean as they can be.

Beyond headline-grabbers like Amazon investing in electric fleets of vans, there are smaller, simpler changes that brands can make to clean up carbon outputs and be that little bit greener.

This is an area that TAKEOFF has been investing in for some time.

We’ve previously written about our approach to recyclable packaging, for instance, and how we work with brands to help them reduce their own carbon footprints.

Keeping carbon footprints as low as possible are also factored into our manufacturing and logistical planning, while also keeping deliveries on-time and product launches as smooth as possible.

We believe – and have proven time and time again – that a commitment to a greener way of doing things doesn’t equate to lower-quality products and impact on service or scalability.

If anything, the opposite is true. Especially when it comes to limited editions and similar products – a greener approach is helping us to create higher-quality items for clients and their audiences.

Take a look at some of our limited editions and influencer kits on our portfolio page!

Go beyond the brief with a greener approach

We have seen a demand for functional, reusable and premium merch from clients commissioning limited editions, influencer kits and other custom items.

Those types of items have always been part of our sets – however, by going beyond the brief for each commission and working to make every set as green as possible, recipients are showing real gratitude. 

Brands are fast realising that by just paying lip-service to climate change and not addressing their own carbon footprint is bad for business.

Their own audiences can see that behaviour and aren’t afraid to call it out on social media.

At the same time, though, brands usually aren’t sure how to maintain their reputation for quality while reducing their reliance on their tried and trusted systems and manufacturing techniques.

The key to navigating that quandary is with hardcore consumer research. Your audience and the demographics aren’t standing still, so why is your business?

As a creative agency, we work extremely hard communicating with and researching target audiences, trends and competitors to identify what they would like most in their limited editions.

That’s where we have evolved, too. Gone are environmentally-unfriendly gifts such as stress balls, mass-produced plastic lanyard holders and other items.

In their place are premium reusable water bottles; hats, scarves, and tote bags made in ethical ways; dioramas that will stand the test of time on the shelf, and many other awesome goodies.

Because quality items made in a responsible way won’t only help you to reduce your business’s carbon footprint, but help the environment in other ways, too.

Why? Because they’ll be cherished for years to come. Quality items that are rare and look incredible simply don’t find their way to landfill, and are kept and treasured by audiences for years to come.

Find out more about how TAKEOFF works to lower the carbon footprints of clients and partners during our creative projects by speaking to a member of our team today.