August 23, 2022

TAKEOFF works extremely closely with clients and partners when they’re exhibiting at trade shows and events.

Some agencies will just build a booth and deliver it to the client. We prefer a more personable approach; our team is with you all the way from creative planning to the activation stage and beyond.

Some brands feel like they’re in a tricky place when it comes to exhibiting, though.

Life in a lot of regions is getting back to normal following the Coronavirus outbreak, but for all intents and purposes the pandemic is still officially with us.

After two years without exhibiting at trade shows, some are exercising caution in appearing at events – not just in response to COVID-19, either, but because of high inflation and other economic factors.

Working with a creative agency that has vast experience in helping brands stand out and attract targeted footfall at busy trade events, though, is the best way to maximise your budget and grow.

How, though? This is especially true for brands that are taking the leap and exhibiting across multiple shows and events of the next year or two.

The truth is that brands don’t need an entirely new booth for every exhibition they appear at. 

The measure of your success will lie in the creative ideas you show on the day, the strength of your messaging, and how you turn footfall into qualified leads.

Come and take a look at TAKEOFF’s previous live activations on our portfolio!

Spread your booth budget across multiple events

Building a stand that can be reused will save you money.

Splitting the cost of any capital expenditure across multiple activations could save you up to 40% in total when working with the right creative agency.

And the real attraction of your booth will lie in how creative its brand messaging is as well as how welcoming it is and easy to access.

That’s why brands can benefit financially by working with an agency that uses your available budget to create something incredibly unique that helps you to truly stand out, rather than investing in big flashy booths.

The right agency will also plan ahead to allow you to spread that message at new shows, whatever space is available to you via flexible, creative activations.

That can be done by incorporating a clever mix of the physical and digital within your stand, turning it into more of an experiential event than a static museum piece.

That can include making use of touchscreens and other interactive elements with custom software to maximise use of space.

Custom QR codes placed strategically on booth walls will also be much appreciated by footfall, allowing them to download brochures and other marketing materials that they won’t have to carry around.

Approaches such as these are also strong ways to directly generate lead data in ethical, transparent ways first-hand at shows, thanks to adaptive booths and activations that fit your wider marketing strategy.

And TAKEOFF will be with you all the way, helping you to activate your booths at each trade event and optimise your approach to maximise your growth ambitions.

Find out more about how you can save money with flexible, creative activations that generate footfall and help nurture leads by speaking to the TAKEOFF team today.