August 31, 2022

The global cosplay market is expected to reach $23 billion by 2030, according to figures released last year from Allied Market Research.

That represents a 17.4% growth from a $4.6 billion valuation in 2020.

Such a high rate of growth will likely mean cosplay becomes mainstream sooner rather than later, with the medium already showing signs of crossing over into varying forms of social and traditional media.

We can see it now on highly-visual social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram; fans of various IPs dressing up as their favourite characters with their friends and showing their style at comic, gaming and movie conventions.

Cosplayers are making a name for themselves at these conventions and online, and some have managed to carve out a career from their passion.

As their costumes become more elaborate and realistic, cosplayers’ video views skyrocket and channel subscriptions increase.

What’s key to keep in mind about this phenomenon, though, is that for a seemingly niche industry, the art of cosplay crosses many boundaries of the entertainment world and is accessible to all.

Fans of famous cosplayers are also typically into video games, movies, comics, board games, books and pop culture in general.

By partnering with a successful cosplayer for a marketing campaign, you’ll also be talking to that broad audience and their friends, too.

That presents a fantastic opportunity for studios to work with influential cosplayers to promote a new IP and present the awesome characters you’ve created to new audiences in a fresh way.

Keep in mind, though; an awful lot of care has to go into approaching and working with cosplayers, before and after the project has been commissioned.

The benefits of building working relationships with cosplayers

TAKEOFF’s services extend to talent management.

The black books of our global agencies are filled to the brim with talented influencers and cosplayers from all regions and backgrounds.

We know how important it is to keep strong relationships with influencers and cosplayers.

It’s super exciting for us to commission these creatives and match them with projects that help their talents flourish.

Not only are influencers and cosplayers extremely professional people on-site when filming or hosting events, but it’s great to give them the exposure they deserve and watch them grow.

So much so that we also work with cosplay artists to create high-end character costumes for their performances, should they wish.

Working with the best visual artists and fashion designers, our team work can create and deliver tailored costumes and accessories that can be used for multiple events and campaigns.

A favourite example of this is our work on the Mortal Kombat 11 Reveal Event.

We worked with over 150 cast and crew, with cosplayers dressed as the game’s legendary fighters to put on an incredible Mortal Kombat experiential event at KOKO, London.

Again, such an approach is great for studios and agencies that have created a new IP and want to spread word of it at events and exhibitions.

Working with the right cosplayer and having costumes created for them based on your IP will not only allow people to find out more about it.

A creative cosplay campaign can be part of other cross-promotion opportunities with the influencer, to introduce your new world and characters to their friends and followers, too.

Find out more about how to build relationships with cosplay artists and influencers by speaking to the TAKEOFF team today!