OCTOBER 26, 2020

When we work with companies on their branding, one of the first things we do is work to identify their unique selling proposition (USP).

A USP is what sets your brand apart from the others, but amazingly, a lot of brands haven’t considered what makes them unique.

Consequently, it’s hard for them to think of an elevator pitch – a short and sweet sentence designed to let people know as much about you as possible and, crucially, what makes them stand out.

That’s one of the first places to start when building a wider brand culture, and one of the most important.

It can’t be muddled and, when found, that USP has to be present throughout your brand and all its assets to create a strong brand identity, from business cards to social media profiles to websites that reflects your USP and position in the marketplace.

That’s the easiest part, though! Settle on your USP and everything else should flow from there.


The benefits of consistent branding

The statistics show not only how important discovering your USP is, but making it an aspect that’s instinctively associated with your company and its culture.

It takes as little as 50 milliseconds for people to form an opinion about your website. Are the images, videos and content on your site instantly conveying your USP in a positive way?

Do you have a signature colour for your brand, too? Having a signature colour could increase your brand recognition by as much as 80% – again, instantly conveying who you are.

And, as we’ve touched on, consistency plays a key part in building a long-term brand culture, both inside and outside the business. Consistent brand presentation can increase revenue by 33%.

Again, though, you won’t be able to go that far and create a real brand culture unless you strip your business down to its very basics and have an unshakeable belief in your USP and the service you offer.

Once that USP has been adopted by everyone in the company across every department, you can begin to build a real brand culture that gets you noticed.

Living the dream

It’s something we put into practice here at TAKEOFF.

With offices across the world (and, soon, a canal barge boat in London!), we work incredibly hard to make sure our USP is consistent across all locations and through each social channel.

A core part of our USP is our creative, fun approach to projects.

With that USP imbued in every one of our talented team members, it helps us to create new, unique and fresh campaigns for our partners throughout the entertainment industry.

Fun and creativity can be found throughout every aspect of TAKEOFF; not least in our marketing materials.

Our social media content is packed with short, fun in-house GIFs and videos, while we even go as far as creating visual competitions to draw in potential clients through LinkedIn.

Video is also a great way to promote your brand, its USP and its wider culture. Our latest showreel, for instance, not only shows our prowess in graphic design, but works hard at showing the fun, creative side of the brand.


With that message at our core, and spending years promoting the same USP, fun and creativity have become synonymous with the TAKEOFF brand.

But we couldn’t have done it without going back to basics, highlighting our core USP, pushing it through every aspect of the company and promoting it as part of our brand culture.

Let us help you discover your USP and start building a brand culture that you and your customers will embrace with joy. Contact the TAKEOFF team today to find out more.