OCTOBER 07, 2020

Moving elements get your social media content noticed.

Some of our short social media animations for Monster High broke the 10,000-view barrier for the brand on Instagram, helped their hashtags trend and got them noticed by new audiences.

Our social media work for Ubisoft Canada’s Far Cry 5 launch, where disruptive, dynamic social content literally leapt from people’s screens, was also a hugely positive campaign that saw a lot of social engagement from Ubisoft’s target audience.

We wouldn’t recommend a strategy that we wouldn’t try ourselves. We like to experiment with our TAKEOFF social channels, and include moving elements in a lot of our posts.

We create fun competitions, videos and GIFs for our platforms, not only to show off our latest projects, but to also show to prospects exactly what we can do on social media.

It works – people like what they see and get in touch with us to see if we can do the same for them. Competitions and similar posts also open up conversations with potential clients and keep us in their minds.

It wouldn’t happen if we weren’t active on social media and invested in a degree of creative experimentation on each platform, in line with our brand values. We highly recommend you do that same.


The clue is in the name

You get out of social media what you put into it.

It still amazes us that some people think social media is all fluff, and that they don’t think it’s worth the time because they only post once on Facebook every quarter and don’t see results.

It’s simply not like that, and a creative approach to social media on the right channels can help you attract new leads and strong long-term working partnerships.

Have you heard of social listening, for instance? It’s the number one social tactic used by marketers, and is a key way to get leading insights into what your market is talking about and how to shape your social strategy accordingly.

Do it right and inject a bit of creative licence into your social strategy and the potential for success is enormous.

Brands that have successfully experimented on social media

Take LEGO, for example. Instead of just pushing ads through their social channels, they experimented and created LEGO IDEAS.

LEGO encourages fans across the world to create user-generated content and share their designs on social media, where people can vote for them.

With enough votes from the community, LEGO may commercialise their ideas and discover new designers.

Ask me anything (AMA) sessions have also been used by brands to great effect, to give their company a more human face and increase engagement with audiences and prospects.

AMAs can be run on any social media platform, and Liv Cycling is a brand that uses them to great effect in a bid to get more women involved in cycling.

Liv Cycling hosts AMAs on Instagram with the company founder and Liv athletes, to engage with their community and others on key topics such as why designing bikes for women matters.

Experimenting on the tech side is as important as being creative. Social media experts Buffer are great at experimenting and showing the benefits of organic thinking.

Their experiments are more practical and data-driven, and show new ways that brands can experiment socially.

Their pioneering experiments have included adding ‘click-to-tweet’ links in their articles; a method that saw a huge boost in Twitter shares and engagement with their content.

Take control of your digital projects by working with a trusted agency that will show off your creative side online. Talk to TAKEOFF today to find out more!