February 14, 2022

That CES 2022 went ahead this year wasn’t just great news for the electronics industry, but also the wider exhibition scene.

With global vaccination efforts in full flow, and with Omicron proving to be a milder form of Coronavirus, tens of thousands of people managed to attend the tech showcase which saw over 2,000 exhibiting companies, according to the Consumer Technology Association.

Many are seeing this as the first big step to exhibitions and trade shows returning to some form of normality, with brands hoping to showcase themselves to new leads in a Covid-safe way this year.

If you’re already planning how to present yourself at an upcoming exhibition though, we think an experiential approach is crucial to attracting footfall and setting your brand apart.

After all we’ve been through over the last couple of years, why go back to how you were exhibiting in the past? Are a few static exhibition stands really going to show how your brand evolved during the pandemic?

An experiential approach is immersive, interactive and extremely effective at attracting footfall and generating leads.

32% of experiential event attendees buy the brand’s products or services after the show, according to Citi research, while 94% of attendees are likely to remember a brand after an experiential event.

The problem for many exhibitors is they don’t know how to create an immersive experience at a trade show. What’s the best way to do it to attract footfall and generate new leads?

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How to create engaging experiential stories

The best way to do it is to work with an experienced experiential provider who is able to create immersive, interactive experiential experiences and activate them for you at the show.

TAKEOFF makes it happen. Our ability to get creative with the space available to brands at exhibitions propels brands onto another level, whether it’s wowing audiences with a giant drake statue or creating large-scale experiential tank-like gaming experiences for audiences to enjoy.

We’re also able to create virtual experiential events for brands that are still unsure as to whether to exhibit this year, whilst still managing to attract a highly-engaged target audience.

At their core, as cool as experiential and interactive events can be, one thing has to remain consistent – the ability to tell a story clearly and make it as immersive as possible.

We don’t only use digital methods to do that when building immersive trade booths. TAKEOFF’s team of skilled artists is also able to tell stories in traditional ways with real sets to draw footfall to your stands.

Think of it like creating a set for a stage play. Painters, metalworkers and woodworkers all combine to create magical sets that draw people in and tell a story, complementing them with technical, digital methods to introduce unique interactive elements.

Some sets could have interactive storytelling elements such as doors, levers and handles to create a sense of mystery and excitement, while some may incorporate relaxation areas where attendees can put their feet up after a long day at the show.

Our teams work closely with brands and exhibitors to not only plan and create experiential sets for their show, but will also fully activate them, handling all logistics to make sure it’s perfectly built and ready to grab visitors’ attention when the doors open.

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