Chorus – Forsaken Replica Models

Chorus is Deep Silver’s revolutionary take on the space-shooter genre, with players controlling the Circle’s deadliest warrior, Nara, on a quest for revenge against the monstrous cult that created her. Chorus was released, cross-platform, in 2021.

To celebrate and promote the release of Chorus, Deep Silver asked us to create three limited-edition replicas of Nara’s sentient starfighter, Forsaken.

Services3D Print, Packaging, Print Design, Custom


Deep Silver provided us with in-game assets and key art of Forsaken, allowing our designers to model an extremely detailed 3D replica of the sleek starfighter. Once complete, we printed each individual part of Forsaken, assembled them and hand-painted each ship. The end result was three intricately-crafted 20cm-long Forsakens.

The ships were also mounted on a unique custom Chorus stand, so the ship could take pride of place in any model collection. Our design team also extended their skills to the Chorus-branded presentation box; a jaw-dropping fully-lit piece of packaging, complete with charger.


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