Superhero fans get to control the Bat Family and take on the terrors plaguing Gotham City in action-RPG, Gotham Knights. Gotham Knights was developed by WB Games Montréal and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE).

WBIE exhibited Gotham Knights at gamescom in August 2022, revealing new assets and announcing an October 2022 release date. WBIE asked us to create an awesome life-sized Batcycle that could be displayed alongside Gotham Knights at their stand, to generate a real buzz on- and offline.

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The heroes of Gotham Knights have access to a phenomenal in-game Batcycle. It’s a beast of a bike; thick and heavily armoured, it’s a gadget-packed menace and has a red pipe-like trim throughout to complement its black finish. It has a powerful, hunched front with an extendable front wheel, and criminals will know they’re about to face justice when its bat-shaped headlight shines on them.

Our team worked closely with WB Games Montréal to access their Batcycle designs, models and schematics. We also partnered with premier French concept automobile manufacturers, Lazareth, bringing all the design and manufacturing elements together to create an intimidating real-life Batcycle. It was a hit on the show floor, on social media, and commanded lots of press attention.

This wasn’t just a static work of art. Our Batcycle was fully-functional and included a twin-power 150hp engine. It also included a custom fork and large, lethal-looking car wheels to strike the fear into the hearts of anyone silly enough to get on its bad side. Our Batcycle was a hit on the show floor, on social media, and commanded lots of press attention.


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