HYENAS is a multiplayer first-person sci-fi shooter, where players take on the role of an intergalactic group of thieves looking to rob Mars’s billionaires. HYENAS was developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA.

SEGA was exhibiting at international video game industry conference gamescom in August 2022, and wanted a photo-op booth designed that would promote HYENAS and start conversations about the game.

ServicesActivation, Video Games, Exhibition, Custom


HYENAS sets itself apart with its ‘zero-G’ elements, which lets players seamlessly fly and engage in combat against others in special zero-G zones. We wanted our photo booth to have its own zero-G element, to give visitors the impression that they themselves were floating and fighting against each other in a sci-fi space setting. Our team therefore designed a photo booth where the interior was flipped onto its side by 90 degrees. HYENAS also features a lot of retro items and designs, too, so we designed the booth to resemble a classic arcade machine.

We also designed custom HYENAS Nerf guns for people to wield in the booth, so they could take pictures of themselves facing-off against each other. Once the Polaroid photo had been developed, turning the image on its side gave the impression that attendees were flying and fighting a life-or-death battle in space. Our booth design created a real buzz of excitement around HYENAS at gamescom and on social media.


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